About Us

We are a centre for excellence in Performing Arts Education. Based in Abergavenny, our team of professional teachers have dedicated studios, from which we provide one-to-one instrument and vocal lessons, dance classes and GCSEs and A-levels in Music and Dance.

We offer private one-to-one tuition in Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Piano, Keyboard, Drums, Percussion, Saxophone, Flute and Vocals. We also offer GCSE and A-level Music which is taught in one-to-one sessions.

The dance styles we teach are Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop, Contemporary-Lyrical and Street-Jazz. We also teach GCSE Dance. All dance styles are taught in group sessions, but one-to-one sessions are available on request.

We currently have a team of tutors who share our music and dance studios. The music teaching studios are very modern and are equipped with the latest in music books, sound equipment and instruments. Our purpose built dance studio is furnished with barres, mirrors, and sound equipment with a separate dressing-room for our students to change with privacy, in comfort.

Our Team

Lisa-Marie Harris


Lisa-Marie joined the team in 2001 as a Woodwind tutor and was promoted to Principal in 2019.

By far our most multi-talented tutor at the academy, she now teaches Woodwind, Guitar, Bass, GCSE and A-Level Music, Ballet, Tap and GCSE and A-Level Dance. We really don't know when she sleeps...

Emma-Jayne Morris

Vice Principal

Emma joined the academy as a vocal coach fifteen years ago and is the founder of our musical theatre group 'VIG Theatre Company', and the academies choir 'Voices'. In 2009 she was promoted to Vice Principal (alongside Lisa-Marie) and from 2015-2019 took over as Principal of the academy while still heading up the Vocal department...

May Williams


May founded the academy way back in 2000 with just a dream and a handful of Piano students. She has very proudly watched the academy grow and grow over the last seventeen years, stepping down as Principal in 2015 to enjoy semi-retirement...

Pip Williams


Pip has been a guitar & bass teacher at the academy for 16 years. Pip grew up on a farm in Somerset but never quite took to the family business. As a teenager he was bought a guitar and thus began a lifelong relationship with music...

Lauren Barrett


Lauren’s journey as a performer began at the age of 10, when she enrolled in vocal lessons at Mayzmusik. She studied London College of Music Grades in Musical Theatre, also trained at the Connie Fisher Academy, and has graduated from the Cardiff branch of the Glasgow Academy of Musical Theatre Arts (GAMTA). And now she’s back where it all began, but this time sharing her love of performing as a teacher...

Jonathan Case


Jonathan is new to the academy but by no means new to the world of drumming and teaching.

A dedicated, talented musician, Jonathan is a graduate of the prestigious Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford. He began drum lessons as a child completing all his grades and playing in various projects including the Caerphilly Youth Service Showcase in St David's Hall...

Joshua Thomas

Business Admin Associate

Joshua is the first person you’re likely to encounter when you contact Mayzmusik. Originally from North Wales, Joshua is a fluent Welsh speaker who studied art in Cardiff, and regularly uses his artistic talents to jazz up the Academy. He spends his spare time raising his French Bulldog puppies, and sharing his love of the Welsh language at a local Welsh Primary School...

Izzy Neville

Dance Teaching Assistant

Izzy is one of our young teaching assistants. She spends every Saturday in our dance studio helping with the tuition and supervision of our tiny dancers.

Izzy began her life at the academy at the age of 7, beginning with ballet & tap classes. Over the years she has added vocal lessons & pointe work to her list of disciplines, as well as becoming a member of VIG Theatre Company & singing in Voices...

Alice Neville

Junior Dance Teaching Assistant

Alice has been learning at Mayzmusik from such a young age that she doesn’t remember what life was like without us! In 2017 she joined our team of Teaching Assistants, helping out with our tiny dancers when they learn. Alice does ballet, tap, and musical theatre lessons, and has performed in every summer showcase we have ever done!...